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I Doubt It #065 - "Minimum-Wage Hypocrites - Freedom Socialist Party, John Grisham's Child Porn Comments, Pat Robertson and Ron Baity, Idaho Couple Hates Gays and Loves Camouflage, Todd Kincannon the troll, and Takin' Care of Biz."
Jesse and Brittany discuss Brittany’s cheapness, the results of the informal polling about sneezing into one’s hands, International listener, Marius, chimes in to correct Jesse, John Grisham made some stupid comments and then apologized, the Freedom Socialist Party believes the minimum living wage should be $20 and has a job opening for $13, Barack Obama’s credit card got declined at a restaurant, Pat Robertson sounds off about Halloween and Rob Baity links Ebola with Homosexuality, an Idaho couple is so upset with legal gay marriage that they have spray painted anti-gay messages on their vehicles, and Todd Kincannon is a transparent troll. Also… Takin’ Care of Biz!