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I Doubt It #099 - "Ash Wednesday and Lent, Gallup Research on Church Attendance, Religion's Bad Week, is Mississippi the New Florida, Qatar's Airline CEO's Lack of Filter, Smoking Is Really Bad, Presidential Approval Ratings from Opposing Party, Florida Lawyer on DUI Checkpoints, and Oscars on Sunday!"
Jesse and Brittany discuss the meaning of Ash Wednesday and Lent, Gallup's latest research on church attendance in the United States, religion's bad week, Mississippi's HB 132 dubbed 'Jesus Take The Wheel' Act, Mississippi's State Representative Gene Alday's racist comments, Qatar Airlines CEO's lack of filter on CNN, latest research on smoking suggesting it's even worse for you than previously thought, Presidential approval ratings from the opposing party from Pew Research, a Florida lawyer who wants to help the public evade DUI checkpoints, and Oscars picks!