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I Doubt It #102 - "Overboard, Dollemocracy '16 feat. CPAC, U.N. Vatican Report, Berkley Cafe - Measles Alert, Jimmy Kimmel on Vaccines, Canadian Dick Judge, Airborne Hindu Monks, Atheist Blogger Murdered, Jihadi John Revealed, Victimhood Narrative Debunked, and Takin' Care of Biz!"
Jesse and Brittany discuss how great Overboard is, CPAC's admission of American Atheists and Jamila Bey's speech, Laura Ingraham's funny jokes, Jeb Bush - gay friendly candidate?, Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush similarities, Daily Beast retracting story on Scott Walker, the UN report on the Vatican, a measles outbreak in Berkley, Jimmy Kimmel on antivaxxers, a Canadian judge discriminates, Hindu monks want special treatment, atheist blogger Avijit Roy is hacked to death, Jihadi John's identity revealed, and “Takin’ Care of Biz!” featuring Facebook.