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I Doubt It #117 - "Artsy Fartsy, Listener Email, Bryan Scott from 'Remove Judge M Marc Kelly', Dr Oz Response, Ben Affleck Statement, Dollemocracy '16 feat. Paul, Clinton, and Rubio, Gallup Poll on U.S. Approval, Gay Marriage = Abortion, and MMR Is Safe."
Jesse and Brittany discuss their experience in art museums and lack of sophistication, Alexander from Denmark's email on the death penalty in Scandinavian countries, an interview with Bryan Scott from, Dr. Oz's freedom of speech whine, Ben Affleck's embarrassment, Dollemocracy '16 featuring Rand Paul's twitter war, Hillary Clinton's toppling of herself, and Marco Rubio's confusing logic, Gallup's approval poll, gay marriage and abortion, and a new study that reveals what we've all known ... MMR vaccine and Autism are not related!