I Doubt It #124 - " Jeb Bush on Iraq, Stephanopoulos Apologizes, Trigger Warnings at Columbia, Bill O'Reilly's Take on Pew Data, Florida Teacher Swipes a Child's Bible, Herb Titus and Rick Wiles Fear Enslavement by the Gay Agenda, Hinge Takes Care of Biz!"
Jesse and Brittany discuss Jeb Bush and his many answers to the question, “Knowing what we know now, would you have invaded Iraq like your brother did?” George Stephanopoulos apologizes about failing to disclose the $75,000.00 he donated to the Clinton Foundation while reporting on it at ABC, Columbia students who want trigger warnings on classic Greek literature, Bill O’Reilly’s take on what Pew Research’s latest “Religious Landscape” study means, a Florida elementary teacher who decided a 5th grade student shouldn't be reading his Bible during free time, Herb Titus and Rick Wiles wax paranoid while discussing what marriage for gays might bring about the American society. Also, the dating app Hinge is Taking Care of Biz by releasing the actual relationship statuses of its users!