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I Doubt It #138 – “SC Loses Confederate Flag, Lee Brite Loses Mind, Bill Cosby Again, Dollemocracy w

Jesse and Brittany discuss ditching cable TV and cord cutting, South Carolina votes

to remove the Confederate Flag and State Senator, Lee Brite, seems to be

distressed, Bill Cosby appears to have admitted use of Quaaludes on “young

women for sex.” Dollemocracy includes talk of Mike Huckabee on gay marriage

(again,) Ben Carson on how he doesn’t want to run for President, but GOD wants

him to. Donald Trump is proving to have a MASSIVE amount of ego and TINY amount of tact.’s Nate Silver wrote a piece on Bernie Sanders’

chances at the Democratic nomination. NPR on a study on evolution in the

Journal Cognition – Also Pew Research on changing attitudes on evolution.

Subway’s spokesman, Jared Fogle, got a visit from the FBI regarding a child

pornography investigation. We reveal the A$$hole of Today – Dinesh D’Souza and

his lack of integrity and respect for facts.

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