I fear no more…
This just shot out of me like lightning, and my fingers did not stop until;

they did...

I fear no more…

When I stopped trying to force my will onto every situation

When I allowed myself to stop fighting every little thing

I awoke to the natural rhythms of life.

Deep within the nuances of these rhythms 

lies the opportunity for the healthy expression of my will 

and all manner of creativity 

in accordance with my true core values; 

rather than the mask I wear to keep you from seeing the very real me. 

The one I hide away; 

for fear that you would mock or ridicule me 

as so many others have done.

When I stopped, and let myself go, 

that is when I finally began to grow,

hidden deep and shielded within my shell

loneliness became my personal hell

When I stopped trying to hide who I am; 

I finally became able to become who I have always been; 

but had allowed to become buried beneath; 

all that I had wished to be but was not destined for,

and now as I open the door; 

I fear no more.

For I have opened up to life, for better or worse

Has blown silently away in the night 

that which was my curse.

And I fear no more. . .

written by Justus