I Feel Love - The Remix (for a cause) that kinda sucks (the cause, not the song)
I was recently asked to contribute a track for a compilation album that will be sold to generate funds for a friend that is up against a 3rd Strike prison sentence. Anyone that know anything about alcoholism and addiction knows that it is a serious, bad, bad bitch, and folks that need help getting locked up for the rest of their life because they have a drink or drug problem is patently ridiculous. 

Anyhow, I'm sharing the track with y'all (a previous version was put out by One Imperative) and will post the compilation when it is available. In the meantime, you can check out the fuller story below, and consider contributing to the FundRazr page. 

I've also included this fine picture of me when I was wasted and on drugs in college taking mall photos. Grateful to not be in jail. 

xoxo Julio

From the FundRazr page for John: 


Most of you know John Classick. Some of you, since we were kids, or about 30 years now. I would describe John as acerbic, funny, talented, and also haunted in some way. Admittedly I don't know the John that rides his life straight off the rails, but somehow I feel that I could always see that he had some sort of internal struggle, from the day I met him.

The back story: John came out of prison the last time having served 3.5 years on a robbery charge. With a lot of love and support from some of his friends he had a place to live, a car and a job in a matter of weeks. He worked hard, and transformed his life: a relationship, a solid job, and a full time schedule gigging with a number of bands.

About a year and a half ago, John was out on the road with a world touring band when he threw his back out and started taking pain pills. He thought, as all addicts do, that he could control it and he obviously could not. He had everything he said he wanted except the time and possibly the capacity to enjoy it.

But he slipped and lost control. Under the influence, John walked into the open door of a neighbor's house and took an envelope of money while the neighbors were home. John has previous charges to his name but none violent. He fully admits to his wrongdoing and the absurdity of his crime. The upsetting twist is that this could potentially be a "third strike", which means John could face a 25-life sentence.

I am a strong proponant of the idea that drug addiction is a disease and doesn't necessarily deserve prison sentences. It doesn't make things better, and the punishment does not exactly fit the crime. Does John deserve to do time? Of course, and he knows it. But to punish John with a life sentence for the cumulative crimes he's committed in a life long struggle to find peace seems like insult to injury.

John's a sweet man who drives himself to a standard he can not maintain without help. He doesn't deserve to sit for life. I am raising money for John's defense. He's retainied Jerod Gunsberg, who many of you may know, as his defense attorney. John has a long, long, tough road ahead of him. And this kind of defense doesn't come easy or cheaply. It's going to take a big effort all the way around.

Please don't write John off. He's part of who we are, part of our DNA. I believe in John. I believe he can get better. I believe he has tons still to give. I'm asking you to stand with me, and help and old friend. Give what you can. $5, $10... whatever you can. He needs our help, and I believe he deserves dignity, and the possibility of getting better.