I find the Sun elsewhere
Since I came back home, the weather has been grey and cold, and rainy... But the sun is everywhere, in yellow flowers, in ripe fruits, and in ourselves! (a special thought to Italian people who have too much sun and not enough water... Marina!)

This past week has been unusal on Patreon for me. I made only public posts, and I couldn't upload a 'Sunday Watercolor'. However things will slowly get back to normal in August. 

On next week I will probably post a new watercolor sketch, then I would like to share with you a few photos of my garden (remember the "lasagna beds" that I posted some time ago? The plants have grown!). A few photos too of my week in Grenoble. And as soon as possible I will upload again some updates about my work, most likely Boïnihi. 

I wish you all a nice week end!