I got myself a Sailor Fude Pen

What is a Sailor Fude Pen? Good question. I've been looking for an ink that would work in a similar way that my favourite - rOtring Tikky Graphic - pen does. fast drying and waterproof for watercolour sketching.

In my searches everyone keeps recommending Platinum Carbon Black.Amazon was going to take weeks, so I paid the extra and got some from Cultpens.co.uk - who stock an amazing array of stuff and usually get it to me next day when I order.

I'd kept hearing about Fude pens and thought it was a brand, but no! It's a type of nib that is bent upwards, that can give varying thicknesses to the line without splaying the nib. 

So I go one of those too. 

Here's a video of the unboxing - though I was so excited I forgot to press record for that bit!

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