I had this in the page description but it seemed excessive.

Shame, guilt and introspection control everything i do.  This is not  always entertaining but it means I am uninterested in imitating  somebody else's work, and learned to do everything backward so I would  not be able to anyway. Whatever I do, even if it is broken, will look  like I did it.  It may take me 10 years to do what takes somebody else 2  years, but in that time period it will not be any less valid or more  dated than when I started.

Think of Ed Wood, Tommy Wiseau, Rygar  or any number of notorious flops.  Imagine what they could have created  if they had known how little sense they made.

At present, I have not locked anything to more expensive rates.  We will see how that goes.

Do you have to subscribe to this page for me to like you?

Will subscribing to this page make either of us like the other?
probably not

Will I declare that you have to come here for material that once was free?

Will I upload obnoxious "censored" items to other websites and tell you to subscribe here to see them properly?

Will I regret this?
always a possibility

Did I mean me or you?
we can regret it together

Didn't I used to make fun of people who used patreon?

Does this make me a hypocrite?
I  more than likely indicted whoever due to a number of factors and found  having a patreon page was a recurring attribute but not a crime in  itself.

Do I always talk like this?
when I have a keyboard

Is this too much text?
breakfast burrito

Long term projects
comic strip - books
two dimensional "video game" project that strongly resembles Doom
other two dimensional video game concept that has been waiting on the first one being finished for ages
beet cartoon + music for it
music for other things
other cartoons
make patreon page less embarrassing
eh how are you? 

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