Yesterday morning we were given a revised estimate for having power to be Monday morning.  At that point, I was starting to worry about frozen water pipes, so i spent the day trying to find a generator so I could at least get the heat going.  My friend Thomas found one for us out in Grand Rapids, so I spent most of yesterday driving the four hour round trip to get it... only to come home to the power being back on ^^;;  Which is ok. Having power is best.

Internet looked like it was going to be a while tho.  The box on the pole was a blackened box with the door swung open showing the chared remains.  I figured it would be a few days before I had internets.  Imagine my surprise when i found that it was all back up this morning. Yay!  I can get back to works again.

So, that said, thank you VERY much to everyone in your support in helping me reach the first goal.  Of COURSE it happened while i was more or less completely offline and in the dark... so now i'll be scrambling to get back up to speed.  One thing I did while i was offline was script the next four comics, so I'm set to roll on meeting that goal.

First thing is to scan and clean up an assemble the next comic which has been sitting here since tuesday.  I'm working on it live on twitch right now http://www.twitch.tv/fredrin so feel free to drop by if you have power, internets and are really bored this morning.

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