I hate custom built PC's
Well guys, the PC worked for a whooping two days! I recorded two FUCKING EPISODES on an EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLAR computer (Plus the warranty and electronic tax.) and it DIED.

Roughly two days ago, I attempted to boot my PC. It booted just fine, then it shut down. And it refuses to boot now. 

I have tried replugging every single cable into the mobo. I even bought a brand spanking new shiny ass 2032 battery for the motherboard. And nothing. No orange light, no CPU fan, nothing. 

Sorry if I'm a bit salty. I'm currently so enraged with fury that not typing with all caps is a bit impossible at the moment.

Honestly, I haven't written anything this month because I'm completely stressed out as is. Writing is a great stress reliever, but doesn't help when you're already salty as hell.