I have 85 items out from the library
I currently have 85 items checked out from Cuyahoga Falls public library. Your generous support will often go to pay (the inevitable :-P) dollar or two fine. :-D So really you're helping local public libraries. And you're fueling my habit of checking out "all the things." No, I don't attend to it all all at once, but like a well-stocked kitchen, you need to have the right ingredients so you can make a really nice tart when the time is right. Learning by paying attention to the things one wants to learn, by paying attention to where items are (in my house), by listening to CDs on repeat (I've listened to "Loser" from Mellow Gold by Beck probably 25 times in the last day), by flipping through, scanning, and learning what authors and books are about. Learning by osmosis. Here's the crazy long list! Let me know if you want to know why I am excited about any of these 85 items. I have general interest in everything, particular excitement about these items (right now), and some beloved, beloved items in here. I'll mark some of my favorites with crazy amounts of asterisks. Also incidentally, this slice of books is a decent window into me and my life. Enjoy! :-D * & * The Wayside School collection [sound recording] / Louis Sachar. ***&*** :: Who killed Amanda Palmer [sound recording] / [Amanda Palmer]. Guinness world records.2012 The Sculptor / Scott McCloud. ***Thinking in systems : a primer / Donella H. Meadows ; edited by Diana Wright. The information : a history, a theory, a flood / James Gleick. On ugliness / edited by Umberto Eco ; translated by Alastair McEwan. The illustrated history of magic / Milbourne and Maurine Christopher ; foreword by David Copperfield. Encyclopedia of the exquisite : an anecdotal history of elegant delights / Jessica Kerwin Jenkins. ***Tao of jeet kune do / by Bruce Lee. Dream it, list it, do it! : how to live a bigger & bolder life, from the life list experts at 43Things.com / with Lia Steakley. Making good : finding meaning, money, and community in a changing world / Billy Parish and Dev Aujla. ******* :: Nonviolent communication : a language of life / Marshall B. Rosenberg. Will the circle be unbroken? : reflections on death, rebirth, and hunger for a faith / Studs Terkel. Ballet beautiful : transform your body and gain the strength, grace, and focus of a ballet dancer / Mary Helen Bowers ; [foreword by Natalie Portman]. 8 weeks to SEALfit : a Navy SEAL's guide to unconventional training for physical and mental toughness / Mark Divine. The shaolin workout : 28 days to transforming your body and soul the warrior's way / Shi Yan Ming. ***100 months / The End of All Things by Johnny Hicklenton ; introduction by Pat Mills. Nowhere men. Fates worse than death. Volume 1 / Eric Stephenson, writer ; Nate Bellegarde, artist ; Jordie Bellaire, colorist ; Fonografiks, lettering & design. Stray souls / Kate Griffin. The life and love of cats / Lewis Blackwell. ***The art of Neil Gaiman / Hayley Campbell ; foreword by Audrey Niffenegger. The art and science of fencing / Nick Evangelista. Aikido and the dynamic sphere : an illustrated introduction / by A. Westbrook and O. Ratti ; illustrations by O. Ratti. The truth is a cave in the Black Mountains : a tale of travel and darkness with pictures of all kinds / written by Neil Gaiman with illustrations by Eddie Campbell. Information doesn't want to be free : laws for the Internet age / by Cory Doctorow. Metal cats / photography by Alexandra Crockett. Fragile things : short fictions and wonders / Neil Gaiman. ***Wayne's world [videorecording] / Paramount Pictures ; producer, Lorne Michaels ; writers, Mike Myers, Bonnie Turner, Terry Turner ; director, Penelope Spheeris. Pain & gain [videorecording]. Waste land [videorecording] / Almega Projects presents an Almega Projects and 02 Filmes production ; directed by Lucy Walker ; produced by Angus Aynsley ; produced by Hank Levine. Something from nothing [videorecording] : the art of rap / JolyGoodFilms, Westmount Films and Final Level Entertainment ; produced by Paul Toogood ; directed by Ice-T, Andy Baybutt. Sample this / Propinquity Films presents a Dan Forrer film ; written by Dan Forrer ; producer, Robert Burris ; produced and directed by Dan Forrer. ***Sid & Nancy [videorecording] / Zenith production in association with Initial Pictures; written by Alex Cox & Abbe Wool ; producer, Eric Fellner ; director, Alex Cox. With teeth [sound recording] / Nine Inch Nails. No strings attached [sound recording] / *NSYNC. BJORK!!!***** Biophilia [sound recording] / Björk. Surrounded. Debut [sound recording] / Björk. Surrounded. Post [sound recording] / Bjork. Tragic kingdom [sound recording] / No Doubt. RESPEKTOR!!!!!!!******* Live in London [sound recording] / Regina Spektor. What we saw from the cheap seats [sound recording] / Regina Spektor. Soviet kitsch [sound recording] / Regina Spektor. Far [sound recording] / Regina Spektor. Never mind the Bollocks [sound recording] : here's the Sex Pistols. The cardturner : a novel about a king, a queen, and a joker / Louis Sachar. Note: GO READ THIS BOOK!!! IT IS AMAZING! I recommend reading it aloud surrounded by beloved friends / family. Louis Sachar knocked it out of the ballpark when he wrote THE CARDTURNER. A love letter to beautiful people, family, youth, grumpy uncles, and contract bridge. Amazing. England's dreaming : anarchy, Sex Pistols, punk rock, and beyond / Jon Savage. ***1001 songs you must hear before you die / general editor, Robert Dimery ; preface by Tony Visconti. [For someone sorely deprived of music growing up, the CDs at Taylor and this book are like a soothing balm for my soul. God bless all you beautiful musicians for creating and re-creating our Universe, and letting me hear what your soul sounds like.] The Practice of practice / Jonathan Harnum. [This book gets the "Super Meta Anti-'Cognitive Dissonance' Man" seal of approval. I LOVE meta-cognition. I think it is my favorite type of cognition. :-D And most people don't even know what that means. I'll teach you.] Rotten : no Irish, no Blacks, no dogs / John Lydon ; with Keith and Kent Zimmerman. ***The giver / Lois Lowry. [Hugely important book to me in my youth.] *********Stargirl / by Jerry Spinelli. [The item I recommend most of all 85 items (sort of :-D). Just edging out "The Cardturner" and "Who Killed Amanda Palmer" and "Nonviolent Communication" which are all also tied for first place. But of all these firsts, the top spot goes to STARGIRL, who has taught me so much about what love can look like in this world. Stargirl is a girl who likes singing people happy birthday on her ukulele. She roots for both teams at her school. She gives away secret gifts to strangers. She talks to cactuses. She listens to extinct bird songs. She is so, fucking, amazing. Please, meet her. You'll meet my soul sister. Then go meet Amanda Palmer, and you'll meet more of my flesh and blood tribe. Then go meet Marshall Rosenberg. His works saved my soul so many times, that the klaviger in hell knows him on a first-name basis. Holy fuck these books / characters / people are so fantastic.] Fortunately, the milk / by Neil Gaiman ; illustrated by Skottie Young. Bowling for Columbine [videorecording] / written and directed by Michael Moore. ***Liar liar [videorecording] / Universal Pictures ; Imagine Entertainment ; produced by Brian Grazer ; directed by Tom Shadyac ; written by Paul Guay & Stephen Mazur. Limelight [videorecording] / Celebrated Films Corporation ; produced and directed by Charles Chaplin ; original story and screenplay by Charles Chaplin. Batman theme [sound recording] : and 19 Hefti bat songs / Neal Hefti. Operas of Gilbert and Sullivan. Discs 1-4 [sound recording] / The D'Oyly Carte Opera Company; with Chorus and Orchestra conducted by Isidore Godfrey. ***The Craft [sound recording] : music from the motion picture. Once [sound recording] : a new musical / [music and lyrics by Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová]. *****Once [sound recording] : music from the motion picture. [Go watch this movie. And then by the soundtrack and listen to it 20 times or so. Then you'll be caught up with me! :-D] ***Terminator 2 [videorecording] : judgment day / a Pacific Western production in association with Lightstorm Entertainment ; written by James Cameron & William Wisher ; produced and directed by James Cameron. Gilbert and Sullivan : gender, genre, parody / Carolyn Williams. Wonder of wonders : a cultural history of Fiddler on the roof / Alisa Solomon. Love [sound recording] / The Beatles. ***Mellow gold [sound recording] / Beck. ["Loser", the first track, may be the only track I really like on this song. But... I don't just "like" "Loser" -- "Loser" is one of those songs that spirals down into the depths of crazy joy hell where there is a never-ending ball-pit, and you'll find little plastic easter eggs filled with jellybeans and lint. You'll find your best friends in this ball-pit. We're all losers. Beck struck gold here. I'm not sure what was up with the rest of the album. I haven't given it a "fair shake" to be honest, but this track just knocked it into orbit, and, Helium, it still be orbiting. More "Loser" later, I promise. :-D] **Luther Season 3 [videorecording]. [Luther is amazing. Season 1 is the best, followed by 3. The character of John and Alice are both super interesting, and their dynamic in 1 and 3 is really gripping. And I fucking love Idris Elba and Ruth Wilson. Go also check out Ruth in Jane Eyre and Idris in The Wire (which I haven't seen).] The Men's Fitness exercise bible : 101 best workouts to build muscle, burn fat, and sculpt your best body ever! / by Sean Hyson, C.S.C.S., and the editors of Men's Fitness. *^*^*^*^*^*The Simpsons family history : a celebration of television's favorite family / Matt Groening. [The Simpsons through example, taught me about depth in storytelling, deep humor connected to love, joy, and life, and so much information as it connects to popular culture and shares such a wide breadth and depth of stories. It also taught me how to be a critic as its season in its early teen years started really shifting in terms of quality of animation, storytelling, writing, and character development. I am going to be doing more Simpsons street theater. Definitely.] Star trek IV, the voyage home [sound recording] : original motion picture soundtrack / music composed and conducted by Leonard Rosenman. Star trek, the motion picture [videorecording] / Paramount Pictures ; directed by Robert Wise ; story by Alan Dean Foster ; written by Harold Livingston. ***Warm bodies [videorecording] / Summit Entertainment presents ; a Make Movies/Mandeville Pictures production ; produced by Bruna Papandrea, David Hoberman, Todd Lieberman ; screenplay by Jonathan Levine ; directed by Jonathan Levine. Stagecoach [videorecording] / presented by Caidin Film Co. ; a Walter Wanger production ; directed by John Ford. **The to do list [videorecording] / director, Maggie Carey ; producers, Brian Robbins, Jennifer Todd, Sharla Sumpter ; screenplay, Maggie Carey. Spellbound [videorecording] / produced by David O. Selznick ; directed by Alfred Hitchcock ; screenplay by Ben Hecht. ****Star trek IV [videorecording] : the voyage home / Paramount Pictures ; screenplay by Steve Meerson... [et al] ; story by Leonard Nimoy & Harve Bennett ; produced by Harve Bennett ; directed by Leonard Nimoy. [I recently asked my brother John to "tell me the story" of "the Star Trek movie with the whales in it." He started and then my Dad (who was overhearing) joined in and shared the story with such verve and enthusiasm you wouldn't believe. I'm a shitty writer, so I won't even try to do it justice. I love asking people to "re-transmit" stories from movies or TV shows. Let's celebrate the stories and people we love! Huzzah!] *Milk [videorecording] / Focus Features presents Axon Films in association with Groundswell Productions [and] Jinks/Cohen Company ; produced by Bruce Cohen, Dan Jinks, Michael London ; written by Dustin Lance Black ; directed by Gus Van Sant. Topsy-Turvy [videorecording] / Thin Man Films, The Greenlight Fund, Newmarket Capital Group present a Simon Channing/Williams production *300 [videorecording] / Warner Bros. Pictures presents in association with Legendary Pictures and Virtual Studios ; produced by Mark Canton, Bernie Goldmann, Gianni Nunnari, Jeffrey Silver ; screenplay by Zack Snyder & Kurt Johnstad and Michael B. Gordon ; directed by Zack Snyder. ***&***The art of asking : or How I learned to stop worrying and let people help / Amanda Palmer ; foreward by Brene Brown. So. Amanda Palmer wrote an important work here. I've been listening to her narration (which I recommend you do as well), AND I've been enjoying having the text for consultation. Hooray for inter-library loan! ***Theater of the oppressed / by Augusto Boal ; translated from the Spanish by Charles A. & Maria-Odilia Leal McBride. Another important work. Many more tools than AFP's perhaps (perhaps). Maybe less inviting / easy to read. Certainly less well known. Unfortunately for us. It is very important stuff. *Yes, Virginia-- [sound recording] / The Dresden Dolls. [More AFP I haven't listened to.] *An evening with Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer [sound recording] / Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer. [Ditto.] The best imitation of myself [sound recording] : a retrospective / Ben Folds. *****The complete Little Nemo in Slumberland / Winsor McCay ; edited with an introduction by Richard Marschall [I once went to a comic-book historical exhibition at the Milwaukee museum of art with my mother. I remember feeling like I had been starving and someone finally served me the best food in the world after leaving this exhibit. I was given something I had no idea I was needing. But I was. Story and color and expression in a way I never knew was possible. The biggest take away for me, amongst many, was that Winsor McCay destroyed all of the conventions of the time and created some of the most incredible art and story when he created Little Nemo in Slumberland. I remember revelling looking at the original giant pages in full color. Mmmmmmm... fuck STARGIRL, go get yourself some little Nemo... no wait. "I'm not gonna live my life on one side of an Ampersand" ... get both! Get "all the things"! And some friends. And some tasty tarts and beverages of choice and hang out in an abandoned space and make cheap-art and fall in love with each other!] Peace y'all. :-D
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