I Have a Dream
“I dream about sailing to the New World one day” said Vicenzo.  

“You must go then, my son” said Galileo. “You are still young, and there will be many times in your life when you will have to wander across unchartered waters, and travel far into unknown lands in order to fulfill your destiny. You have dreams that you yearn to follow, but your faith is little, and you fear what lies ahead. Love has called you from the other side of the ocean, and you must answer its voice.”  

“I am afraid, padre” sobbed Vicenzo, and gulped back his tears.  

“With every dream and with every love, you have to die to the old, and be reborn to the new. You must leave what you know behind, and surrender to the unknown” said Galilei. “When you lose your way, find your strength in the memory of my words. Don't be afraid of the unknown, because with every step you take, the unknown becomes the known. You will never meet the unknown, because moment by moment it turns into the known in front of your eyes.”  

The old man spilled the water in the kettle over the fire, and the last cinders sizzled into ash. They remained silent for a while. In the darkness of the night, the stars lit up above them.  

“We all walk through darkness at some point in life, but no one ever goes alone. The Divine never leaves us, but people cannot feel Its presence anymore, and are deaf to Its voice. Remember who you are my son, and remember who your brothers and sisters are. The divine lamp is lit in each of us for one other. We are all that we have. There is nobody else on this Earth except for us--the common people, but the Divine lives in all the common people. Pray to have strength for the journey ahead, and surrender to the mystery, my son. Surrender to truth. Don't wait. Live your life now, or else you'll never live it."  

(from my upcoming book, Hay House 2018) Dr. Dragos