I have made a Patreon!
I've had a desire to return to making hand painted 3D models for some time after my last spree of models a bit over a year ago. Now I have my own game development aspirations but I have a lot of skills I need to master. But in the mean time i'd like to continue releasing free models for people to use or learn from.

But release these models in a more game ready format than before with my Sketchfab posts like the one above (credit to Juhan for character design).  These are the kinds of models I will make but of my own design for now, and the complexity of the models will improve as I improve on developing rigs for these characters. Which will include facial rigs and such in time.

I'm still new to this sort of thing so for anyone that has advice or suggestions for the content here please contact me!

The first character will be announced soon so follow and look forward to that! In the mean time here's a poll on my twitter asking for what sort of models you'd most look forward to.


And another poll for polycount


Thank you for reading!

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