I Have NO clue what I am doing.. but I will figure it out.
I will figure this Patreon thing out.  I have set it up, put it in motion but now I need to get it working properly.  I also need to post up some pictures and make it interesting.  Right now, it is just kinda sad...   and that makes me sad.  Most probably it makes my one Patron sad too.  

Anyway, this post is part of the learning process.  I'm gonna see how it works, what it looks like after posting and figure out what options I have to enhance my posts.  

Like can I make things in different fonts?  no.  Just bigger or BOLDER OR ITALICIZED OR UNDERLINED.  BOO. 

Now I don't know how to undo the header setting.  Lesson one:  Don't make anything a header until the end and only if you actually want it to be a header.  

Who ... oh!  Oh!  I'm back to normal.  What?  How?    Lesson two:  You don't know what you are doing... ever.  

Now what was I going to say... who... who... who knows.   Until next time and if you have any suggestions of what I should be including here, send me a message.. somehow..  I don't know how to do that either.

But check out the cool zombie earrings I make.