I have no idea
This just happened one day when I was playing with my lump of ..something weird.. kind of pencil material.

I've been sick.. week now in a flue and not going away, so .. I can't continue any of my drawing/paintings.. so I started to croche .. we shall see what happens then.

anyway. I think this is somekind of .. modern.. native? But I know she's happy and that's all that matters aye?

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Feel the Need
$2 or more per month 0 patrons
well.. you see my post here. you see work in progress photos. stuff that not patrons wont see for ages. 
Want to support art
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You are awesome, and for that you get invitation to see my newest YouTube videos a week advanced
and you get to see all the new art projects and finished ones right here at Patreon.

and when I remember I will thank you in my videos.
Money is not the issue
$30 or more per month 0 of 10 patrons
you see what I have written earlier? to 2 and 10$ pledges? well all that... and more. 

I shall send you also (if you leave address) original artwork, drawings or inkart.. atleast ones a year.. maybe more :D 

World is mine
$100 or more per month 0 of 10 patrons
I Salute you!

You will get a hand drawn coloring picture and desktop wallpaper to your EMAIL every month
AND if the actual coloring book is printed, You will get a signed copy, before the actual release.
AND furthermore: Future publications are also sent to you as signed.

"LIFE TIMERS" : ONCE A YEAR  I will make YOU a custom order, preferably something ceramic but something else goes too (painting, drawing, jewelry), with in terms. Shipping included!
and you get to see all the new art projects and finished ones right here at Patreon.before I release em anywhere else.
I will also hang out here with you, answer to your questions and send you some other stuff... cards and stuff

and we get connected somehow.. some chatting way or .. you know.. just for you to get easier way to get a line to me.
You'l get your name to youtube videos. I'll let world to know how awesome YOU ARE!

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