I have a REAL job!
I have sent the following to my Patreons- but Patreon only has the capacity to show me Patreons from last month...I sent this letter out.... :) I promise I wont keep communicating like a whirling dervish I am just working out my services. Thanks for your understanding xxxx Lauren Hi there, I am sitting in my warm comfy chair sipping a plunger coffee. I have just dropped the kids at school. And it is a beautiful sunny day in Melbourne. Ah I feel great :) How are you? I am not into group letters as I like that special personal touch which comes with a one on one letter but I thought to get the ball rolling I would send this group email. If you are receiving this you are listed as one of my patreons on my Patreon site. Firstly I wanted to say so sorry for my lack of contact as you may now know from my blog http://beingwellwithlauren.blogspot.com.au/ I have been busy :)( putting it mildly) Well I am back and I am back permanently and passionately thank you to ‘that person’ who told me to ‘get a real job’ and to Amanda Palmer. I will make this short and sweet. I am going to be providing services to my patreons. As my numbers grow the services may be in the following areas nutrition health and well being sleep therapy parenting exercise ASMR Life editing( decluttering your physical and emotional space) specialist google hang out forums To help me I ask you...please....What are your interests? I am all ears....and would really like to know. PODCAST I am soon to launch a podcast in the above areas too( yes it is all happening). The podcast is called ‘Being well with Lauren’ CLOSED FACEBOOK PAGE I have also launched a closed facebook page. Please contact me if you would like to be included in this special group :) I would love to add you. Cant wait to hear from you :) PS a couple of you may have deleted your Patreon account with me over the last ten days if so please let me know and all the best with everything that you do :) I cannot see this is Patreon until the end of the month. Warm regards Lauren xxx