I have returned!
I've been so stupid busy lately, I just want to quit all normal life stuff and lock myself in an art cell.

Don't get me wrong, we've been having a lot of fun, I just hate falling behind on art.  We were traveling around a bit over the thanksgiving holiday and then I had a lot of catching up to do.  Have some minor plans spread out over the whole of December but not nearly as crazy as November was, but things are still filling up fast.  

The rough of this piece has been a challenge for me but once its all set up, getting the clean lines in will be fast and I plan on drawing and painting this with a bit of a disney flare so the painting shouldn't be too time consuming... hopefully.

Also, been putting some slow work in on my boards. Really need to step up my speed on that though.

I've got a lot to do but I'm on the cusp of a lot of cool art so it's exciting.

More updates on this piece over the next 48 hours.  Hoping to finish it up Thursday, if not sooner.

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