I have some questions for you!
Picture is of Serenity, who was a gift for a friend.

It's November. The end of the year is close upon us and it's time for me to take stock.

As you have seen, I put together a masterpost of all completed customs .

In the coming year I'm going to try to be better about getting photo shoots out in a timely fashion -- I have quite a backlog of ponies to work through.

Some other things I am thinking about doing:

1) Establishing a one-year exclusivity limit for all completed shoots.  That means that after a full year I would be free to post images from patrons-only exclusive shoots elsewhere.  My motivations are thus: Patreon is great but it is a terrible means of cataloging my work history.  Being able to post my work on Flickr and Livejournal would make that much easier for me.  It would also allow me to eventually use work from the patrons-only feed to drum up support in places like Tumblr.  A one-year hold on that would maximize patron value while still allowing me to protect my professional interests in other ways.  This is the one that has the potential to affect you most, so I would like to know your feelings!

2) Gradually releasing photo shoots for customs that predate this Patreon and posting them openly, not patrons-only.  I don't want to infringe on your benefits, but I do feel like potential patrons don't get a chance to see much completed work and I'm concerned that hurts my pledge numbers.  This seems like a good compromise -- this content is freely accessible elsewhere, the only thing I would be doing is aggregating it here as well.  You would still be getting the exclusive work in progress shots and completed shoots for all new ponies.

3) Returning to the monthly roundups.  They were kind of depressing to write when I would have a bad month, but several folks expressed a liking for them, and they are an easy way to give potential patrons a look at what goes on behind the patrons-only paywall as well as give current patrons an easy way to see what they've been helping me to accomplish.

4) Giving Bear/Sarah a fair shake.  She works almost as much as I do, and produces work that is as pretty as mine.  With her blessing, I'd like to present her work here as well.  I've already done this on a small scale, with Erebor for example, but I would be making it formal -- amending the actual Patreon pitch to reflect that this is a joint effort between Bear and I.  I am still discussing this with her but would like to know your feelings.  It wouldn't decrease the amount of work I do, it would only add extra content here.  There is no downside for y'all that I can see.

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