I haven't forgotten about you!
Sorry for the long silence, I've been working heavily on a few projects - namely Hunt the Wicked - and haven't posted any updates for this month. I'm waiting for one more piece of artwork for Cornerstone Fantasy, and that will be my first release for Patreon in October. It'll be about 80 pages with half a dozen new pieces of original artwork from the very talented Arthur Asa. 

Other than that, I've continued working on Probe (working title), my card-based duo game about sentient exploration robots. A lot of the game's fun is in surprising both the GM and the player due to a lot of random tables (again, card based) and the unique combinations you can come up with in a few short minutes. 

Once I get the document in more working order I'd be happy to release it here for free as a preview. Stay tuned for that, and Cornerstone Fantasy (hopefully this week).