I honestly did not expect to end up having done this much. XD
At the beginning of the week I felt a bit too sick to do anything, but apparently I did a lot of random stuff kinda last-minute, so I was lucky ending up with an acceptable new Version and lots of fixes. :D

Where do I start, ah right I made the Extruder accessible much earlier in the Game, at least for simple Materials like Wax, Plastic or Tin. The Tier 1 Extruder can now use new Steel Shape Plates for said simple Materials, and it doesn't need any Tungsten Carbide to be crafted for this low Tier.

Some Tools Types (it's like half of all available Types) and any Tool made of a Magnetic Material now auto-pickup dropped Items when harvesting Blocks. The Wrench counts as one of the Tool Types that always auto-collect, so things like a Hopper above a Crucible won't just fall into it anymore. The Construction Pickaxe is also amoung the Auto-Collectors.

I added a lot of new Chests/Hoppers/AdvCraftingTables/MassStorages for the Materials Cobalt, Nickel, Germanium and Draconium. Also Tin Alloy Fluid Pipes that have a Fluid transport of 125L/t.

Another fix is the "Player Inventory Restock Functionality From Slot Column Above" is now working with GT6 Tools that turn into Scrap, and they turn into Scrap much better than they did before, by trying to go into a different Slot.

And that is what I got done in those few Days. Lots of nice little Tweaks and Fixes that improve the Gameplay. :3

Thank you all for your Support and have a Download Page Link for convenience. ^^