I hope I don't regret what I did today!
As you can see the guys are enjoying their total freedom to wander and eat anywhere and anything that they want.

They have moved into a separate barn completely and sleep in there as well, it's much better than the goat section in that it's got plenty of fresh air moving around and the floor is dry. 

They are free to come and go as they please, and, although I did find goat prints at the bottom of the track leading tot he 'main road' they hang around the general area, and if Ellie feels that they are going too far she will run off and chase them back.

Because of their freedom to roam they are turning into impressive looking (and sized) beasts, and they are also more laid back.

Now, that could be because the girls aren't around, but it pleases me that we can sit around together and they enjoy a good bit of fuss.

Of course,  this is due to end very shortly, probably on Friday, when they move to their new forever home.

Mixed feelings on that, happy that their new place will be good for them, and I will be visiting from time to time. 

However, it is the end of an era,  almost a decade of being a goatherd is coming to a close. 

Now down to what may have been a big mistake that I can't undo.

This morning I took my favourite brown leather jacket, a heavy, sturdy piece of clothing, I liked wearing it and it was good for all weathers.

It also suited the lifestyle, making me look the part.

But, this morning, I took a pair of shears to it and it is now a pile of leather pieces, soon to be turned into bracelets, bags and other leatherwork.

Why such drastic action?

Because I need to raise funds.

Now I am back online with the help of the solar panel I am actively searching for my horse (or bull), but, with the animal comes other needs.

Halter, harness, insurance, the cost of bringing the animal back (and the cost of getting to see it - most farms with working animals are over 200 km away.) 

Then there will be vet fees when I go look at the beast, I'm no expert in horses, so I do want to know that I am buying an animal without problems.

So, I am looking to raise a serious amount of cash, hence the coming slew of handmade goods that I will be trying to sell to you all, plus, and I never thought I would say this, but, when I do put the items up for viewing and purchasing, I would love you guys to like and share the post so that I can get the stuff out to the widest possible audience.

Oh, and if there is a generous person with a spare box of epsom salts out there, nd they are prepared to post it to me, I would be eternally grateful.

The mixture that I used the other day was a solution that is used for injecting, so, it isn't a strong enough solution to complete rejeuvenate the battery, although I have seen a marked improvement in performance with just the vials that I used. And, it seems that Latvia isn't into bath salts, so finding a box here is next to impossible.

I'm also considering a second battery and maybe even a larger solar panel ( 100w) and/or a small generator, although I do love the fact that I am getting free electricity from our nearest star!

Ok, that's todays post over and done with, I'm in Bauska because I've met with Edgar to discuss the rebuild and overall design. A good meeting with a positive outcome and I'm looking forward to sharing the build process with you all as it progresses.

Off to my next internet point - the petrol station down the road, oh and a visit to the post office. (Janet, check you post in the coming week or so)