I just block out the world and do my best

If I was a great writer, my novels would be bestsellers. If I was a great sportswriter, I’d be making more money at it. There’s such a thing as market value. I do the best I can. I’m not objective about myself because no one is. One of my favorite sayings from a lifetime of writing is, “No one writes shit on purpose.”

There’s a lot of shit out there, but it’s not shit for the guy (or gal) who wrote it. Some guys go through the motions and rationalize it, but even they rationalize it. I try to make excuses as little as possible. I try not ever to go through the motions, whether it’s the Clinton-Newberry basketball games tonight or a major NASCAR race. Sometimes I bear down a little more, but that’s a reflection of my analysis of what I see. If I see a boring race, I try to write well about how boring it is. Some writers hype everything. It’s like a broadcaster who screams whether it’s a 92-yard touchdown pass or a two-yard dive.

“Jones, right side! Two yards!”

I see lots of great reporters but not lots of great writers. The world needs great reporters. I’m a decent reporter solely because I’m competitive. I’m a decent writer because I love to write. Today I’ve written two racing columns – one is posted at montedutton.com now; the other will be posted on a website later in the week – and the first 554 words of another novel. I’m glad I finished one a couple days ago because I was already yearning to get started on a new one. Now I’m writing a blog designed to convince you to pledge some money to keep me in business.

In a roundabout way.

Bidness is bidness. Ever how good or bad I am, it’s what I do best.

People are full of ideas for me.

You ought to write a book about the history of such-and-such.

I have this idea that would make a great book.

I need someone to write a true-life story about such-and-such.

My response is generally, “Why don’t you write it?” Another is that writing a novel, or non-fiction, is so hard that I can’t do it unless I’m in love with the story, and, usually, I don’t fall in love with a story I didn’t imagine. Quite often I fall in love with stories during sleepless nights when I brainstorm.

This one I’m trying to sell to Amazon KindleScout – Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – might be the one that will catapult me to literary stardom. I put more work into it than any of its predecessors. I put so much work into it – writing, rewriting, revamping, trashing the ending, writing a new one – that it might be a mess, and it might be a masterpiece. I wish you’d look at the sample I’ve posted, and lend your nomination to my credibility. You can do that with amazing ease by making the first of several clicks here.

If you don’t read many books – I’ve devoted several years now writing books for people who don’t – but you like my blogs and columns, please, if you’ve got a few monthly bucks to spare, make a pledge here.

If you’re willing to give my books a shot, shop the ample selection available on my Amazon author page here.