I just did the full Math for what I could make in a year via Patreon
Ok so I just did the math, and hopefully I did it right, but if each of my current subscribers, as of this post that is 555 subscribers, were to pledge even just $1 a month I would make something like $6,324 a year before taxes. That is about 105 games at $60 each. At least 12 of those, one each month, could be used as a giveaway. The rest can be used for me to buy games for myself, some of which would end up as a series on the channel, and to buy new hardware so that I could play those games at higher framerates and graphics settings. Overall I would think that is a win-win for me and you the viewers. And this assuming that everyone goes with the lowest tier when in reality some may go for the higher tiers and others the lower end tiers but either way that is the minimum I could get if all 555 subscriber did just $1 a month via Patreon.
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