I just got an idea. And so I'm gonna do it.
I was cleaning up my office (the 2nd bedroom in this tiny apartment I call home) and came across a bunch of wonderful stuff that we've reviewed for our Cool Stuff page . Because there are so many neat products and books sent in, I always end up with a bit of a stockpile every year, and I am always looking for opportunities to share the bounty with someone.

WAIT! You guys are someones! 

So here's what I'm gonna do. Every Patron (worldwide), at every level (from $2 and up) is eligible to win a spontaneous Knitty Ninja prize package, just for supporting Knitty! Whenever the mood strikes me, I'll bundle up a bunch of cool stuff, put it in a box, and then (using a random number generator) pick one random Knitty Patron to send it to.  I'll do it at least once a year, and possibly more often. 

Do you like this idea? I LOVE THIS IDEA!

Happy Monday, you darling someones!