CONTEST TIME: WIN AN INKED ILLUSTRATION OF THE "DRIVE" SHIP, THE MACHITO! ----------- HOW: Enter the contest by submitting an illustration or CGI model of a ship from Drive. Three winners will be chosen! DEADLINE: Feb 28, 2015 THEME: Any ship in the DRIVE universe! WAIT, WHAT DOES THAT MEAN: - You can draw/build/model/paint any ship from the DRIVE universe. The Machito, The Tres Primos "3", La Invencible, The Spark of Thought, a Continuum Cruiser, a Vinn Interdictor, etc, etc - Or, you can conceive of a NEW ship that fits within the style or fleets of existing ships that we've seen. So! You can take a stab at the aquatic lines of The Continuum fleet, or the rougher angles of the human fleet, and make a new ship! - It can be drawn in any medium, or using any software. Inks on paper, watercolors, Photoshop, Illustrator, 3-D modeling software...go nuts. Whatever you enjoy using! - Creativity is encouraged! Is your ship launching into space? Is it in battle? In robotic dry dock? Flying through pinched space? Have fun with it! Draw something that makes you happy: Something you want to see! - Copyright on the image remains yours! This is just for fun. FORMATS: While I'd recommend you create the initial image in high-resolution (300dpi or higher), please send your actual submission as a web-presentable image file. - JPG, PNG, GIF - Saved for web resolution (72dpi) - Saved at 900 pixels wide, but any height that suits you - E-Mail your submission to [email protected], with the Subject Line: "Drive Contest" WINNER ANNOUNCED: March 7, 2015 PRIZES: First Prize: This inked illustration of The Machito (below) Second Prize: Signed sketch of any Drive character. Third Prize: Signed DRIVE book 1. Fourth Prize: A reassuring hug. You did great! Be proud! JUDGING CRITERIA: "The One Dave Likes The Bestest" (...see )

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