I literally just finished this!
Sorry, this is not much of an early release. I was behind all week. Such a busy, but exciting time. I can't wait for this next race. I took a big hit on some maintenance costs, but it all had to be done. The bike was in very bad shape. Blown shock, forks hadn't been serviced in over a year, and the shock hadn't been serviced since I owned the bike. I know, I know, that is bad. I have to always make decisions about which maintenance I can afford, which can wait, and which cannot. it is tough. Sometimes I just have to do what has to be done to keep it together for one more race you know? 

As far as this next race, I got "Invited" to race the event. That is what they do for pro's, so this is really an honor. They seem to feel like I have some Public Relations value. I did help them with a commercial lol. So, with an "invitation" there are no entry fee's, and the race coordinator agreed to let me sell Joe Rockstar Merchandise. In addition, they are loaning me an RV for my wife and I, plus my camera and drone guy to stay in. 

So thanks for your support, It is a a tough uphill battle but your support, is definitely helping keep this afloat. When I get these shirts, and the online store working, I will give you guys shirts and hats at cost if you want one. I wish I could give them to you for free! Shirts are about $10.50 each at cost, and I am selling them  to non patreon supporters for $20-25. Hats and skullcaps are about $14.00 and I will be selling them to non patreon supporters for $20.00. So let me know if you are interested.

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