I lost my Ka’anapali Polarized Maui Jim Sunglasses Today.
I lost my Maui Jim sunglasses’ today and I contacted them via phone and they formed me that if I told the story of what happened, and how I lost my sunglasses I might be entered in a drawing to win a new pair of my amazing Maui Jim sunglasses. So here's the story of what happened to me today:

I worked at a Sunglass Hut during college, and what I learned from working at that kiosk in the mall was that there are certain levels of quality and when it comes to sunglasses, Maui Jim’s were at the top. They were not at the top because they were brand-name like the Versace’s or the Gucci’s that we sold, no they were at the top because they were qualitatively the best product that is sold in the category of sunglasses.

When I finally could buy sunglasses I purchased a pair of Maui Jim Ka’anapali Polarized Sunglasses. I purchased them Wednesday March 19, 2014 and lost them Monday, May 22, 2017.

I am currently in Brazil, in the state of Salvador, in the Barra neighborhood. Well, on this particular day I decided to visit the beach and swim as I usually do. In the sea with the water up to my chest, I had been facing the shore looking at my belongings to ensure they did not disappear. I felt some activity at my ankles and turned around only to see a wave bigger than I could’ve expected. I tried to hold my ground but I was picked up and slammed to the floor, my body then my head made impact with sand. I felt my glasses slipping from my face and I immediately tried to hold onto it, but the sea dragged me to and fro and through what seemed like a ground swell, pushed my body forward as my head scraped the sand. I was a rag doll in the maelstrom of activity.

After this ordeal, I got up, dazed and confused and a bit embarrassed, because my swim trunks were filled with sand and I had just being tossed around in front of all these people on the shore. I immediately came onshore to see if the sea had washed my Maui’s ashore, I then went back to the water to search. It was sunny, and I was hoping that I would be able to see my Maui Jims at the bottom and I searched for half an hour.

After my searching, depressed, disappointed, and saddened I began the walk back to my residence, sans my Maui Jims, my constant companion for the last 3 years.

I still have the receipt from when I bought my Maui’s and I’m hopping you could find it in your heart to help with a new one.