I LOVE the idea of Fire Emblem Heroes. When I think about it fire emblem as a mobile game just makes good sense too me
However I wish they didn't go in that ever unpleasent flash animation style in the art department :/

Personally I think the game should went with the gameboy FE pixel art style alot of nintendo games drop their 2d animated roots and that saddens me cause there is no reason why everything must be 3d models nowadays

  • I generally don't like seeing flash animation. not to say they're isn't any exceptions but you can't just add animation to various to clips and think it will  look great. You gotta put in some actual effort to make it work key example that come to mind are Ankama animation / Vanillaware animation 
  • And while not 100%  flash animation that is exactly reason why they work. Similar to the first Jurrasic Park movie these animators used multiple animation styles so while you are staring at flash animation you don't get time to notice it cause there's other animating styles going on at the same time.

but that's just my piece on it anyways

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