I Mean, Really Dude YouTube Channel
So, I've made a major decision about I Mean, Really Dude. 

At first, I was going to just do like a news website, which takes a tremendous amount of work, effort, and writers that I don't have right now. Then, I was going to do a podcast which would talk about current events, but that seemed too much to handle.

I started a YouTube Channel for IMRD almost a year ago but have yet to put any content on it. Mostly because I had no idea what I wanted on the channel. (Oftentimes I do things before I have a real plan which is a gift and a curse.)

In this situation, just doing something is a gift. The channel is already there and now needs some content to go with it.

Sitting here, doing a bunch of other stuff, it hit me. I need to put content on IMRD's YouTube Channel that will inspire and force a conversation, but most importantly make people laugh at things that many would find not funny.

I know that seems weird, but it's really a thing. 

IMRD was started because of my sarcasm and the way I viewed things. It is a means for me to get out my frustration with the world and everyone in it. Besides, there are so many people who feel and think just like me which will allow them to be part of a community; be a part of a movement.

I hope that you guys will support what I'm doing with this. And I hope the content is something you can get behind.