I met my spirit counsel at Stonehenge, and they had a powerful message for me
Yesterday I was introduced to a new meditation. I love to meditate, and this time were no difference. The meditation guided me through some relaxing exercises, starting with the physical part and going to relaxation of the mind. It is not all guided meditations that are as powerful as this one was, just like it also depends on the state of mind I am already in before doing the meditation. The woman guiding me had told me to prepare a question before getting started, and I wanted to know about meeting my soulmate or twinflame. 

When it was time to meet with my spirit counsel, which is a group of angels and teachers who know of my path in this lifetime, I found myself at Stonehenge, surrounded by the most magical light. The words “be present” came to me like a voice from within, and that was it. Doesn’t seem like a lot, but for me, it made all the difference in the world. I tend to be caught up in a storm of thoughts when I start to open my heart and my life for meeting a new man. I worry a lot. I also dream a lot. Imagine all sorts of catastrophes and miracles. To be present when it comes to dealing with all the issues around dating again is not something that comes naturally for me just yet. 

In the present there are no fear, no stress, no pain

We leave ourselves behind when we flee our presence with worries, dreams or stressful thoughts. Our consciousness can only be at one place at a time, so when we worry, we leave our bodies to put our attention elsewhere. It could be in another person’s business or in our future selves’ businesses. When I wonder how someone else is feeling or thinking, I have left my self behind and if I do that too often or for too long at a time, my body is telling me that there is something wrong here. It feels abandoned and the stress will begin. 

Eckhart Tolle wrote the book called “The power of the now” and he delivers many amazing exercises on how to be in the present. I love his book and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to be more present in their daily life. 

We can feel the connection, while we stay in our own businesses

True and loving connections between people happens when we stay in our own bodies, while feeling the relation growing or appearing. Most people call it chemistry, you know that feeling when you meet someone you truly hit it off with. You feel all the vibes inside your body simultaneously with seeing how the other person is behaving. And this we can practice for sure. This type of connection is what I am looking for, whether it is in a partner or a friend, with my son or a total stranger. I love to connect on a deeper level, and that also means that I myself has to stay in my own business. 


(loosely translated with; my soul is seeing and honoring your soul)