I Migrated IPM's Hosting (thanks, credit card) to WPEngine, and Things. Are. Good.


Just a quick note here: IPM is officially hosted on WPEngine now, thanks to a final day's work and a charge to my personal credit card.

My first test loading my most recent article shows that the new servers + the site rebuild are worth the effort and investment:

Compare that to the old stats (that I posted here in my first update)...

Total Load: used to be 3.57 seconds; now .368 seconds!

DOM Load (this is how long it takes to load the structure of the page for the viewer): used to be 2.71 seconds; now .233 seconds!

Finish (how long to get evvverything the site is requesting, even behind-the-scenes processes and scripts): used to be 2.1 MINUTES; now 1.39 SECONDS‼️

Data Transferred (aka, if you're on mobile, how much does it cost you to load the page): used to be 2.4MB transferred; now 74.0KB‼️‼️

So, with all this mushed together, it looks like the new site, on the new servers, is about 10 times faster than the old'n, and the data transferred is about 3% of what it used to be (great for people with bandwidth issues, or data caps on mobile plans).

My part is done. 

Now I just need to cross my fingers and hope the reader-funding can catch up.

I'm making this post public (viewable by non-patrons), but I want to specifically thank you few beautiful people for being early supporters of this.


P.S. This final stretch of coding and webmastering was soundtracked by 🎧 Little Monarch 

P.P.S. This final stretch of coding and webmastering was distracted by me reading 📖  THIS INCREDIBLE ARTICLE about how Trump didn't want to become president by Michael Wolff.

P.P.P.S. The ominous server photo up top is by Thomas Kvistholt on Unsplash