I Need To Tell You Something
The latest story from interim mag featuring Natalita.

"A little over a year ago I met and interviewed Los Angeles-born, New Orleans-based musician Natalita. Shortly after that I commenced reading Feminine Endings by Susan McClary and to put it millennially, I was having my mind blown. McClary uses seven essays to address the problems of gender and sexuality in music beginning in the early 17th century, bringing the reader through modern day rock and performance art. As quoted from her Bandcamp profile and reprinted above, Natalita describes her EP, entitled 6, as “the soundtracks to the creation of [herself]”. It was as if each time McClary highlighted a detrimental difference in the way males and females are depicted in music, Natalita (through her philosophies and her music) showed me her efforts to extinguish those constructs. Every time Natalita described that which is important to her process and development as an artist, McClary provided the educational background that helped me realize just how ground-breaking Natalita’s approach is even today."