I need your feedback!
I'm trying a little experiment, and I would love for you folks to take a few minutes to help me out. In short, I've added a little gamification widget to the Marooned site. Basically, you earn points by doing things like reading chapter one, visiting the site, or sharing some content. 

As you earn points, you gain levels and badges. At the moment, you don't earn anything "real" other than the badges and the status. However, my plan (if this were to go forward) would be to offer some more tangible rewards as you hit the higher levels. 

What I need from you.

Visit the Marooned website. You'll see the widget in the middle, right hand side of the page. You can quickly join with Google, Facebook, etc. Do some things, get some points, explore the activity center. 

Let me know what you think about it. You can post here or email me direct at [email protected]. I really want to know what you think.