I need your help with this fun competition I've entered :)
Hi from Sydney, Australia! 

Firstly: If you're anywhere near Sydney/Melbourne, let me know, I'd be so excited to meet up with any Australian Nateives while I'm here visiting my brother Josh!

Ok, so ages ago I was approached by the Feeling The Street crew, who wanted to record me busking in London and enter me into this big ol' busking competition online. The competition is now live, and has some pretty epic prizes (for the artists AND the people who vote).

If you have time, please vote at this link:http://feelingthestreet.com/en/vocal/nate-maingard

There's a lot of amazing competition and some people already have nearly 300 votes, so chances are slim I'll get anywhere, but hey, it's worth a try :).

Mainly, I'm just excited to share the video with you all, cos it turned out so lovely, and it's of one of my favourite songs, Golden Shadows!

In other news, I'm really happy to be visiting my brother, and it's also the first time I've ever been to Australia. He's been living here for 7 years already! It brings me great joy to see the life he's built for himself, his awesome friends, his great apartment. I'm super proud of the person he's grown into, and honoured to call him brother.

After this, I'll be landing in California on 12 August, and travelling around with my sweetheart for a couple months, so if any of you are around, PLEASE get in touch, I would love to meet as many of you as possible!

Sending you all all the love, thank you for existing, and welcome to the newbies, I'll be bringing some new creations soon :).

Magical hugsNate