I needed to hear someone real. I needed THIS.
Because I was in Pat Pattison's class for 4 days straight while at the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival, I wasn't able to attend some really killer workshops. Mary Gauthier's songwriting workshop was one of those I missed out on.

I was ecstatic to find this interview with her which happened just a couple weeks ago. Proof that I knew I loved everything about her and her career...

"I do believe this is a calling. The focus on connection and beauty is what moves a career forward... What we're aiming for is the human heart across the room.
I think if  we say the thing that we're most scared of saying, that's when people open up their wallets and hand us money. We get paid to say the thing that most people would pay money not to say. That's what artists do, we go first. We say that thing and we say it in a way that other people can look around and go, "yeah me too!"

"Courage is a choice that each artist decides whether or not to be brave. I encourage courage and what I see is that courage is contagious. When one person is willing to be vulnerable, the group moves forward in a way that is profound... What an incredibly beautiful job we have."

Just thought I'd say something that made me go "Yeah me too!!!"