I never would have imagined
How much work it is to make a name in art field and keep up the appearance in internet... building up websites... etsy stores... all that.. that is needed to do to get the .. bases covered. 

But I'm willing to do that because now I at least know that it's the beginning that is the hardest part. When I began my Deviant Art.. seriously I mean..  I was overwhelmed all the work it needed.. upload, write, write to people.. share the art to groups.. but now after couple month's its starting to work .. well.. it almost work's by it self.. I upload new stuff when I have something... well of course my "stuff" have been here already before that but only to my Patreons :D because even that I have only one, yet, I treat my patrons like kings and queens.. right?

I have tried lot's of different art selling pages, mostly because In Finland it's almost impossible to make a living by art's and crafts... so for the moment.. internet is my best ally so I need to use it as much as I can. I had Etsy on use ones before.. but back then I wasn't quite serious with this... then I opened my store again.. but still had quite a much difficulties.. like taking the photos.. that's still my biggest problem with my sculptures and crafts.. I'm not to good with camera. I just take shots of nature and things I find interesting.. but I don't seems to be able to shot my crafts... I know what I would love to see in my photos, but I just can't quite get there so for now I have to but what I have on Etsy and hope for the best. 

I have learned also that my art and craft have one .. difficulties... I seems to do somewhat strong art.. something that not all can handle. Even that people do admit I have talent... people are not willing to hang my primeval necklace on..

but well.. I think there are some strong enough people to handle my art and craft.. I just need to find them. 


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