I once made a game called Tokyo Brain Pop...

Back before I started Modest Medusa I spent most of my time making role playing games. The kind you play with a group of friends around a table. One of those was called Tokyo Brain Pop, and was about teenage girls with supernatural powers trying to fend off demons, ghosts and other psychic girls while suffering through highschool. I wrote teh game with my friend Matt Schlotte and illustrated the whole thing right around the time I was starting Modest Medusa. In fact,  the art style I used for TBP became the art style for Modest Medusa, and many of teh characters look very, very similar.

Anyway, the game is available this month as part of the new Bundle of Holding. Bundle of Holding is a RPG bundle program that allows you to get great deals buy buying a bunch of games at once. This month's bundle is anime/manga/Japanese horror themed, and includes games by a number of my friends, including Anima Prime, Maid, Golden Sky Stories, Clover (by my housemate Ben!), Mecha and a bunch of other stuff. The base bundle is about $9 and the extended bundle (which includes Tokyo brain Pop) is about $19. In total, it's over $100 worth of games, so it's a great deal! Plus, about 10% of teh profits go to Doctors without Borders. So if you're an RPG fan (or if you just want to see some of my older work) please check it out!

Here's the link!