I Open At The Beginning - A Marriage Proposal
A little over one year ago on a Sunday morning at C2E2, an enthusiastic woman bounded across the aisle to look at my work. "Oh my gosh, you have Muppet prints," she exclaimed! She began turning the pages of my book. "You draw Aquaman! I LOVE Aquaman." This was followed by "YOU HAVE WONDER TWINS POSTERS" and "You made a Chris Hardwick print!" That was the day that Tara Jimenez and I learned we liked all the same things.

Fast forward almost a year later. A text pops up on my phone alerting me that someone has placed an order for a commission. It was Tara's boyfriend Nick! Nick explained e was planning to propose to Tara and because of our brief-but-joy-filled connection at C2E2, he wanted me to illustrate a piece for his proposal. "Draw me as a Jedi proposing to her as a Hogwarts student," he asked. "With pleasure," I answered!

So I created the piece you see above.

I've been waiting and teasing this piece online. But the day has come! The question was popped, and the answer (obvi) was "Yes"! In the brief ways I've known Tara and Nick, I find them to be incredibly joyful, positive people. I am so happy for them and extremely blessed to be a part of this chapter of their lives. I'm honored by it and humbled by it all at once.

When I created the piece, I remembered the way that the Snitch held the last magical object in the Harry Potter series, and that it had the words "I Open At The Close" inscribed on the gold exterior. I thought for this piece, it would be fun to have the ring "hidden" within the snitch, and unveiled by a Jedi using the Force. In this case, the Snitch opens at the beginning--the beginning of something wonderful. Two lives coming together in love.

Nick and Tara, I wish you the very best of everything in your life together! Thank you so much for allowing me to be this small part along your lifelong journey.