This week I got to meet the people who are actively turning the entire art world on it's head: PATREON.

From the second my family and I walked in the door, we were enveloped in an atmosphere of creative and techy bliss. It felt like an artistic cocoon, insulated from the cold indifference that can be found outside it's walls.

 Heather gave us a tour of their headquarters, introduced us to the team busy with their various forms of techno-wizardry, though not too busy to pause and chat.

We shared a meal, traded stories, ideas, hugs, laughs, it was wonderful. The term "good people" applies here.

 This Patreon thing is so much more than just a site to me. It is a symbol of ingenuity and passion towards a brighter tomorrow where people can pursue, inspire, and get inspired, by the art, creations, and experiences of those around them. People connecting in meaningful ways, exchanging vibrant and real bits of their creative life. It represents a beautiful and powerful future and I am thrilled beyond words to be plugged into it.

As a thank you to Patreon, I brought this painting to San Francisco to live in their offices. I wanted a piece of me, of my art, and you - my team, to have a physical presence where the magic is being made. You - my Patrons, and I are part of something beautiful. How cool that we get to share this!!!