I PHOTOGRAPH WEDDINGS - A marketing lesson



Let this be a marketing lesson to all y'all... a really poignant lesson. 
-- Perception is very much influenced by "Out of site out of mind"



- Not just that I really love photographing weddings.

- What you heard was wrong... even if it was from me. haha


FB Friend:  "JARVIE! Hey you probably don't remember me, but a long long time ago you took photos of me and a first date after we went hiking in Provo...
I actually just got engaged and have been thinking about photography for the big day. I've always been obsessed with your work, but I realize you have gotten more famous and have been working on other projects (love the temple shots) since that photo shoot day.
Do you by chance have any recommendations of photographers in Seattle that you're impressed with? The wedding will most likely be in July in the Seattle temple. We also would be doing a reception in France or Switzerland so if  you know any photographers out that way to please let me know as well. Thank you!

 My Response: "UMMMM ME!!"
 ... I'm still very much able to photograph weddings.  


I put to the side a full time successful and profitable wedding photograhy business in 2013 to pursue a wild and crazy idea. A prompting to photograph all the LDS temples and make a book and live on the road for a year and then I added to it the idea to photograph 4000+ other religious buildings and a second book. And i did that I lived on the road for well over a year and made a book and I'm still putting in dozens of hours to get the other book done.

Then I've been working on another idea i've had since 2012 which is gonna rock your socks off... but all the while I've made my income doing weddings and portraits and used that income to support these other ideas. 

I was doing the perfect amount of weddings from 2011-2013: about 25 a year, much less stressful than when I used to do 40-50 it was wonderful and then I kind of just left for a year to follow some promptings. But not really, because in 2013 and 2014 I did a bunch of weddings even still. (plenty)

  • But I wasn't posting those pictures.
  • I was posting temples and churches and landscapes (which makes sense)
  • I even mentioned i'd be limiting the weddings to 12 a year because I was focused on that project
  • I probably even wrote posts that made it seem like I wasn't doing portrait photography much... that was a mistake and I can understand why some people thought I was done doing weddings. Photography decathlon did consume my life for a long time. But I now have it under control and have a way to do both now. because they made it seem like I wasn't a wedding photographer anymore. 


All those things stuck in people's minds. I wasn't talking about weddings even if I was still doing them. They didn't associate me with weddings anymore. I was the traveler, they associated me with living on the road, with photographing temples even with being in the news and other cool stuff... but no longer associated with weddings. Even though those same people still new I was very capable at doing weddings. 

Fast forward to 2016-2017

I constantly have friends say.

  • "I wish you still did weddings"
  • "Can you suggest someone to do my wedding photography"
  • "I know you're doing other things but i wish you were able to do our wedding"

Again and again it is apparent that the association to wedding photography is gone... and that's a huge lesson to be learned. I am working on huge amazing projects that will change photography as we know it! But in the mean time I forgot to keep alive the thing that would keep me alive until then!!


It's my fault I didn't post enough wedding photography. Or didn't do traditional marketing or bridal shows or do posts like this. I was pretty focused on PhotoDeca and just expected weddings to roll in like they had for like 8 years straight.

I didn't market it.  I was promoting my other stuff mostly and I know why this all happened.


This is me trying to fix my mistakes of the past. 

I photograph weddings. I'm really good at it. 

My skills are way better now than they were back in 2009 when I did 50 weddings or anytime from 2008-2013 when it was my only source of income. Way way better. 

And one post doesn't do the trick. You'll see lots of these posts.

Because let's be honest you don't check FB every day and FB doesn't really show even a fraction of my friends my posts. 

I know many of you are happily married and probably much prefer my Temple or Landscape pictures... but I have to think about what pays the bills. What gives me the money to invest in PhotoDeca or what pays the bills while I edit thousands of pictures for Faith In America. 

I love Photography Decathlon I have huge things in store with it this year. With big awesome companies you know and love, but the cool part is I put in the thousands of hours on that and I can get back to a better balance. Which means... lots of wedding pictures... and Portraits of any kind! 

I even updated the website and prices and my portfolio and I am a full time resident of Utah (who is willing to travel wherever to do a wedding)

Tell your friends!!

- "I'm not dead yet!!" - Villager


Without my PATRONS here on Patreon let's be honest I couldn't have done my cool projects during this time without your help. You really have made PhotoDeca possible and FIA. Because as you can see I failed on Wedding Marketing during 2016-2017 so that's why i'm more than happy to hook you up with things like prints for life and even Wedding Photography discounts!!