I put a GoPro on my dog's collar - Rollerblading with my Dog - Rollerblading Doggo - SkateChat 029
I love to go rollerblading with my dog, and she loves it, too! So, I decided to try strapping a GoPro to her collar to get a chihuahua's eye view of inline skating.

There's really nothing better than sharing something you love with someone you love. I love inline skating, and I love my dog. Cinco is my best friend, and rollerblading with my dog is rewarding in so many ways. I get to go skating, she gets to run as fast as she can. She gets to explore the world, and we create a bond like never before. You can just see it on her face, how much she loves it.

Keep in mind, she is NOT pulling me! She's an older dog, and I deeply care about her health (she's my baby) and would never try to push her beyond her limits or make her pull me. I skate alongside her as she runs, and when she gets tired, we quit. We take it nice and easy with plenty of breaks. Believe me, the look on her face is all I need to know about how much she loves to go skating with me.

Who knows how many years we have left together? I want to cherish every last one of them, and sharing this activity gives us a great way to do that.

Ideally, I'd like to get her out there a little more often, but she's usually tired out by the time we reach the end of the block. If I could make this a regular thing, I'm sure she'd be running like a champ in no time.

Until then, I try to get her to slow down so that she's not expelling all of her energy in one burst, but I also don't want her pulling me. If I had a harness, it would be different. Even so, she's large for a chihuahua (20 pounds!), but not quite large enough to pull a full-grown human. That would be cruel, I think, so I won't let her. I try to take the lead because I'm supposed to be the Alpha, and I think she likes that because it feels like running in a pack, but we usually end up flowing side-by-side. The way she clings to me to after we're done tells me how much she enjoys it.

Another reason I'd rather use a harness is because I don't want her straining her neck when she tries to pull, so I give her plenty of slack and only go as fast as she'll go. I also keep the collar very loose so that it will easily pop off in an emergency.

Plus, as you'll see in the video, there are other reasons that make skating with Cinco a little bit of an impracticality. She stops suddenly, and without warning, so I have to be quick to stop and turn around. Fortunately, I've been working on my powerslide, and doing a 180 turn without falling is becoming easier. I can almost stop on a dime... More like stopping on a couple dollar bills, placed length-wise. But I'm getting better!