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I Said "I Love You", She Said Nothing.
hey yall! 

as usual, figured i'd open myself up again on my channel today for my final video of the month.

in today's video i share  some thoughts on those tricky three words we tend to smash together when a relationship gets heated...

"i love you".

i won't preface the video too much just know you might not agree with a lot of what i say in this video ( i never anticipate folks will when i sit down to record). that said, maybe, just maybe it'll give you a new perspective from your internet bestie, me! 

love you all dearly and i mention this heavily in the video, but THANK YOU PATRONS FOR KEEPING ME ON YOUTUBE!! 

i love the emails, comments, tweets, etc i get about how my videos have opened folks up to different ways of thinking. i'm just so happy and honored to do this. 

also next month is going to be BADASS! 

i have a lot of "My Mama Wears Timbs" content coming for all of you and you all will get access to it first! so please know your patronage is important and making a pretty big impact in many different communities!