I saw The Mummy with Tom Cruise and all you got for it was this post
To be really fair, I knew this was coming. I had talked about doing this, and I knew it was going to be hugely unpleasant.

It was worse than expected. Not Manos or The Room level of bad, but just really not very "oooh-this-is-something-i-wish-panned-out" and certainly not a lot more than one more movie where Tom Cruise runs. 

I will say though that I did include a "How would I rewrite this" at the end of the audio because I think had the story been structured differently with a few cuts made (ditch a couple characters and make a few decisions about what the mummy can or can't do), you'd have a really interesting new take on traditional monster stories. 

Would I watch this again? No. 

Is there good stuff in it? Yes. There are the ghosts of really good ideas for backstory, and the set design is gorgeous. Even when the CGI looks fakey-fake and the characters have all the depth of candle smoke, the look of all the places is great. Egypt feels desert, London seems British, the spooky forest is both woodsy and spooky. 

Stay tuned for a poll offering options of content for next week. 

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