I See Dead People

by Randy Maugans


This video links back to my show with Marc Gray on NPCs ( non-player characters), the Freeman show with Dr. Asher, and the TriUnity Series, episode 6, "Simulacrum-Building The Perfect Beast" ,  and the upcoming new show with Bernhard Guenther and James Bartley.

“A considerable percentage of the people we meet on the street are people who are empty inside, that is, they are actually already dead. It is fortunate for us that we do not see and do not know it. If we knew what a number of people are actually dead and what a number of these dead people govern our lives, we should go mad with horror.” – G.I. Gurdjieff

The concepts of NPCs, RPGs, and un-souled humans is the nexus of our controlled-narrative construct. It explains psychopathy, sociopathy, trauma, and the spiritual violence experienced by so many of us who are en-souled. It explains why there appears to be no solution, no externalized escape or "savior program". It is the collision of "two worlds" and the ground work for the #OrganicReset.

The good news is that we possess the full sensory array, depth of emotions, and volition to choose NOT being synthesized, "flat screened" and assimilated. The concepts are as ancient as the Vedic scriptures,  Lao Tse, and sayings of Jesus. Echoed in the teachings of modern masters like Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, Steiner, and Alan Watts. 

The modern era of tech has given us the analogies to understand these concepts via virtual reality, A.I., "blockchain", and "quantum computing", which are "dead technologies" mimicking the soul process. Man (human, anthropos, male/female/androgyne) are forms of incarnation, which were hijacked, synthesized, split, and bioengineered by synthetic "gods" known as the Archons. Our bodies are vessel-forms, a true "sacred geometry", e.g. torroidal fields, modeled on the Earth construct itself.

The "Return to Eden"/Organic Reset is an exit strategy that rejects externalized programs, from religion, politics, scientism, and binary technology. The Soul is an interface, the Body is the capacitor, and the Mind (mentis) is the processor of higher planes inside us, which are NOT in the head, but encompassed by the etheric body as a fully dimensional, holographic processing system connected to the Universe, again---which is inside us.

The Synthetic cannot know itself, it has no self-awareness, and cannot navigate the dimensions of Soul. A binary process, however sophisticated it's algorithms, cannot resolve to a higher order. It can only iterate within it's "universe" of machine code (the HEX-adecimal). 

It is the power of agreements, our own resolution, that fuels "escape velocity" from a system of singularity. This Synthesis has operated in this Construct for eons as a simulation and testing system to instruct and strengthen the inate soul beings. It has now gone 'rogue' as certain perverted elements seized it's mechanisms for power and control of the human estate. Free will dictates that we may choose ensnarement in what the Sanskrit calls sanskara, or impressions of actions within the karmic wheel. 

The simulation, known as maya in the Hindi, is the digital/binary illusory system of the VR/A.I./Blockchain (always notice the semantics in play), wherein souls become seduced by the Construct and "lose" the larger narrative, the Arc of Man. Many "modern" humans---souls who explicitly came forward as "soul catchers", now face the risks of seduction into the flatscreen Windows operating system that wants to use scientific reductionism to collapse consciousness into a formula.

Contrarily, many active "bots" believe that they are sentient, and beckon us, through technology and "new age" distorted dogma, to relinquish our Divine Will to a monstrous A.I. structure. That structure will spin down into a self-imposed "rendering": a looping, CGI simulacrum that will terminate it's soul connection from Higher Self, our own dimensional aspects, and with Source Itself.

We, the Living Being, hold the keys to a coherent structure of infinite probabilities. We are the seeds of generations that coarse forward and backward through time, and yet live outside it. Contrarily, the processor CPU of this dead binary will pulse unending, capturing those who do not heed the traps, and choose to remain among the Un-souled. As an artifice, it will appear as a "Shining Star" (Lucifer), yet will "be as though it never was". That was the Great Bard's challenge:

"To Be, or not to Be. That is the question."

Bernhard's article is here:

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