I See It Coming | A Fever Dream Crafted into a Crankie
Anna Roberts-Gevalt started dreaming up this video a couple years ago. Anna is a fiddler, an artist, a singer, a maker. I think it's safe to call her a world-wandering musicologist. Much of her wandering she does as Anna & Elizabeth. Watch them do a Tiny Desk concert!

So, as I was saying, Anna and I started dreaming up a way to lay this wild song out into a crankie – a scrolling theater in a box; a rolling backdrop to a song. One winter's weekend Anna came over to where I was living in Vermont and we began sketching out the dark dreamy story-song on a scroll of paper that stretched the length of the house. A couple days later my housemate and some friends came over to start snipping and pasting and painting. Thank you Adrienne Feeser, Amela Hall, Anaïs Mitchell & Noah Hahn! (And baby R for being so chill). After some fine-tuning over the months, Anna filmed it and now, voila!

The song is a doozy! It's a dream I had as a child and it's never let me forget.