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I Should Not Speak at TED. Or Should I?
Some of you saw that I made  the second round of speaker selection for TEDxSaltLakeCity. The first round was a short, 300-word written pitch, with a link to something else they could look at. As it happened, I had a very good blog post from a few years back that was ideal. It was called, "Something Else I Learned at TEDxBountiful, or Why I Will Never Speak At TED". Essentially, my pitch was that I shouldn't speak at TED, and there was no reason to put me on the stage. I thought it was unlikely to get me picked, but it did have the virtue of being original--surely no no one else would submit a pitch like that.

For a wonder, they liked it.

The second round is a 90-second video clip--no more than 90 seconds, or they will delete it unwatched--which we shot about two hours of video for, and then Jonah and Mandy edited it down. It was one tenth of a second too long, but I fixed that on YouTube. So this is my sales pitch, the reason I think they should let me speak.

Did I convince you?