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i squared
This project was an attempt to convey what it feels like to try to watch a quirk track if you aren't familiar with quirk tricks and lingo. My hope is that this sheds some light on what we could do better as a community with presentation and artistic  intent in tracks that emphasize the movement of Bosh (quirks) instead of aesthetic appearance (scenery).

Minus the silly labels, it was also an experiment in methodical scenery. The original track is Infinite Improbability by Ride Liner and Conundrumer: Each track line was turned into a square, which was then extruded with one-point perspective. Other than that, no scenery was added - which means the scenery (minus the labels) was entirely derived from the track itself.

The project started when I had a minor artistic crisis and felt the need to try something completely different than the projects I was working on. I had tossed around the idea of scening a super-dense quirk in the past just to challenge myself, and I decided to take a shot at it. Seth Chapman (OTDE) threw out the idea of the squares and the 1-point perspective, and I liked how it looked so I did the whole track that way. While drawing all these lines, I realized that this track would be a good way to say something about quirk tracks in general, but I felt like it needed something more to convey the point. While chatting with fellow scener Dylan Webb (Commandercoke), he said the phrase "contact point bullshit", which gave me the idea to pull all the ridiculous labels all over the track. I also have to thank David Lu (Conundrumer) for providing me with the sol file for the track, creating the version of Line Rider I scened this in (LRJS), and coming up with lots of great ideas for the labels. And thanks to Dapianokid, acp127, and Lukking for helping with the labels as well.

This project was relatively small (something like 30 hours of work) compared to the things I have planned coming up. I'd love to hear what you think about it (positive or negative) so please don't hesitate to leave a comment! Thanks for reading, and thanks again for supporting me. I deeply appreciate it.

Long live Line Rider!

Ben / Rabid

EDIT: Here's an image of the full track: [image]